Become the Ultimate Mafia Boss

Step into the dangerous and thrilling world of Mafia Gangs, where you and your team can conquer the states and cities of America. Lead your gang to dominance and show everyone who the real boss is!

Manage and Expand Your Assets

Acquire and manage an impressive empire of assets. Whether it's illegal businesses, real estate, or other lucrative ventures, your goal is to become the king of the underworld. Use your resources strategically to expand your power and surpass your rivals.

Steal the Most Wanted Vehicles

Fill your garages with an impressive collection of exclusive and coveted cars. Raid the streets and steal the finest cars to showcase your wealth and status to both friends and foes. Each stolen vehicle brings you one step closer to the top.

Develop Secret Smuggling Routes

Increase your fortune by discovering and developing the most effective smuggling routes. Make millions as you unravel the secrets of the smuggling industry. Rise in the criminal hierarchy with your clever strategies and prepare for challenging opponents who want to steal your wealth.

Top 5 players

Rank Username Level
1 Ghettow Lv 21
2 Terminator Lv 21
3 Lunakorpz Lv 21
4 Paranoize Lv 21
5 Djmario Lv 21

The 5 richest

Rank Username Money
1 TheClown 83535631460
2 Djmario 77774659264
3 Ghettow 51780214312
4 lasertje 29979771754
5 MrGrey 28715064842

Top 5 pimps

Rank Username Whores
1 Ghettow 402815
2 Terminator 186903
3 Paranoize 178510
4 Thepurifier 173915
5 Lunakorpz 172457